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We provide high quality actuarial assistance and advice to a variety of clients that include attorneys, corporate entities, pension fund trustees, employers and other professionals.


Wim Loots is personally responsible for all clients and takes pride in providing an expert, professional and independent service. Core competencies include Damages and Compensation matters, as well as Employee Benefit Consulting.

Actuarial calculations are typically performed where someone has suffered a loss of income or loss of support. The actuarial calculations are set out in an actuarial report that can be used for settlement or trial purposes. A variety of other calculations are also performed, for instance related to medical negligence, divorce or deceased estate matters.

A range of consulting services is offered in relation to Employee Benefits. One of the most critical actuarial services involves the valuation of retirement funds or other employee benefits. The actuarial results are relied upon by the trustees of a retirement fund,  the sponsoring employer or the regulating authorities. The actuarial valuation typically reports on the solvency of the retirement fund, the cost of benefits to the sponsoring employer and may assist with accounting disclosures in the employer’s financial returns.

As an independent actuarial expert, Wim Loots is well positioned to advise clients on a range of matters that require actuarial input. This could include the independent review of actuarial reports, the application of general actuarial techniques to a range of suitable problems or actuarial investigative work.

Wim Loots


Actuarial Consulting

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