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The aim of this section is to provide insight and opinion into various topics related to our areas of expertise, on an on-going basis. Check back regularly for new topics, or leave a comment on the contact page to request further topics or comment on existing topics.

We illustrate capping using the Sweatman and Jonosky methods as well as the complications posed by lump sum benefits and annual gains.

The draft RABS bill has a number of consequences for road accident victims. We summarise the main differences and illustrate the impact on some hypothetical claimants through case studies. The newsletter was also published in Risk Alert.

Actuarial recalcualtions are often required for delictual or maintenance claims. We discuss the various circumstances under which a recalculation may be required or recommended. We also illustrate the impact on quantum of updating actuarial calculations over various timeframes.


The ruling in Coughlan v RAF 2015 (CC) has potential implications for the deductibility of various forms of State Welfare from damages awards. In the above article, that appeared in De Rebus magazine in December 2015, we discuss the wider implications. In an addendum to the article, we discuss the related implications of the subsequent ruling in Modibedi v RAF 2015.


Wim Loots


Actuarial Consulting

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