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Damages and Compensation


We perform actuarial calculations for a wide range of legal matters that can stem from causes such as motor vehicle accidents (MVA's), train or aeroplane accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful dismissal, maintenance, divorce settlements or commercial matters. In particular, we specialise in actuarial reports for third party claims against the Road Accident Fund (RAF).


The focus is on providing an expert, reliable service with a personal touch.

Types of Damages Calculations

  • Loss of income calculations in the case of personal injury.

  • Loss of support calculations in the case of wrongful death.

  • Capitalisation of past and future medical expenses (medical negligence).

  • Maintenance claims against individuals or deceased estates. 

  • Loss resulting from wrongful career disruption e.g. unlawful arrest.

  • Divorce settlement or accrual calculations.

  • Valuation of a usufruct.

  • Mortgage disputes.

  • Retrenchment packages.

  • Commercial damages e.g. breach of contract, unfair competition, fraud, loss of profits, patent valuation and product liability calculations.

Service Offering

We appreciate that clients require reliable and accurate actuarial assistance with the determination of quantum. Turnaround options range from between 3 hours to 3 days, depending on the urgency of the calculation. Wim Loots is personally involved with all calculations.


We provide flexible payment terms and typically grant delayed payment until settlement. A detailed schedule setting out our tiered service, fees and terms & conditions are available on request.


Checklists setting out the information requirements for various types of calculation are also available on request.


Instructions can be sent to

Related Services

Wim Loots also acts as an expert witness and assists with trial preparation and settlement negotiations when required.

Wim Loots


Actuarial Consulting

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