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Employee Benefits


We provide specialised actuarial consulting services related to Employee Benefits.


A comprehensive range of services is available, with core competency in the actuarial valuation of retirement funds (defined benefit and defined contribution arrangements).


  • Statutory and other valuations of retirement funds.

  • Accounting valuations of employee benefits, in respect of IAS19/GRAP25/AC116/GAMAP for:

o Retirement benefits (funded or unfunded)

o Long service benefits

o Medical aid subsidies

o Ex-gratia pension and other benefits

o Executive bonuses

  • Retirement benefit design/costing/harmonization. 

  • Fund conversions (DB to DC).

  • Advice related to mergers and takeovers.

  • Terminations or liquidations of retirement funds.

  • Asset/liability modelling.

  • Fund efficiency investigations.

  • Fund experience analysis e.g. mortality.

  • Advice on pensioner increases.

  • Advice on bonus declarations.

  • Assistance with outsourcing of pensioners.

  • Calculation of transfer values (individual or bulk).

  • Individual member calculations and projections.

  • Division of retirement benefits on divorce.

  • General Trustee, Employer or Member advice.

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Actuarial Consulting

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